Champagne Autréau-Lasnot

In our estate
nothing is fixed

What is true for one year can be different the next year.
And that’s a good thing !

New series of opportunities at each harvest, new inspirations to pick up in a vineyard with incomparable richness, imaginative wines that pique our curiosity…

In Venteuil…

The experience acquired by our family, at the cost of high discipline followed since 5 generations, made us understand an essential thing: any rule is made to play with it.

Une personne verse des pièces de puzzle dans un seau en métal.

The four a(ces)

The Autréau family is a blending of very complementary personalities that make up a real team.

Quatre personnes tenant des cartes en l’air.Discover the House
In the vine, Mother Nature sets its space.
And it abhors routine as much as it abhors a vacuum.
Fabrice and Florent have always adapted very well.
Our Terroir

Do you want to join us?

Always conscious of values and eager to transmit its passion, the Autréau-Lasnot family will be happy to welcome you on your next visit to Venteuil.

Our farm abounds with ancient treasures : a magnificant vaulted cellar dating from the 12th century.

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Des individus jouant aux échecs avec du champagne.

Our range of Champagne is created according to the years and our desire.

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