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We lead today
a quatuor.

Everybody perfectly knows its role to make its contribution…


The audacious

Routine is not his practise.

In the vines, he never wonders what to expect during his day and prefers being surprised by the unexpected.

Unforeseen events belong to his schedule. It is his way of improving his skills, of progressing; always by facing new experimentations.

His winegrower mind is in continual alert, his curiosity is always moving, without never fearing get lost as he always find is way.

Florent, le téméraire


The strategist

Skilled planner, she has always thought a step ahead.

In the commercial development, she is a precious asset continuously looking for new places to stay and she masters the art of anticipating the expectations.

She brings a sharp, dynamic and precise eye to the quatet, which make the clients feel they are in good hands.

Jovial by nature, talks with her are always kindly.

Virginie, la stratège


The Teacher

Her natural serenity and composure bring lightness and appreciated transquility in this quatet that often comes after a frenetic pace.

She holds the secret of this pedagogy and this knowledge with which she answers all the clients’ questions, never being disconcerted.

Nothing escapes her. Like Virginie, she is characterized by her kindness.

Véronique, la professeure


The formal

He shares this taste for adaptation and for novelty with his brother.

What this outstanding winemaker likes most is to observe the phenomena that govern his profession and his winery.

Understanding them to have more precise gestures. He likes what is mechanical and fussy about procedure. Because if you follow the rules, there can be beautiful discoveries.

Even if sometimes, you want to put circles into squares…with succes.

Fabrice, le protocolaire

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