Collection “Atout(s) cœur”Meunier maceration Rosé 2018

Les Barils

100% Meunier from Venteuil (en macerated)

2018 harvest · 100% cuvee
Vinification : stainless steel tank
Bottling 2019
Dosage: 5 g/L
Malolactic fermentation done

Detailed description
CharacteristicsFiness – Creamy – Chalky – Parfumed Nose: it is expressive and reveals the characteristics of the grape variety. Bouquet with all the nuances of red wine, spices and red citrus fruits. Mouth: csharp red citrus fruit bouquet with lavender and thyme notes. Fruit aromas give this champagne plenty of expression. It is also generous.
To play on the tableWith the meal As an aperitif for all occasions, gravlax salmon, sushis, crispy langoustines with basil, tempura of prawns, seaweed mayonnaise, roquette salad…

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